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The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

About Advisory Council


The CISG Advisory Council was founded on the initiative of the inspirational late Professor Albert Kritzer of the Institute of International Commercial Law in 2001.  The CISG-AC is a private initiative which aims at promoting a uniform interpretation of the CISG. It is a private initiative in the sense that its members do not represent countries or legal cultures, but they are scholars who look beyond the cooking pot for ideas and for a more profound understanding of issues relating to the CISG. The CISG-AC has an observer status at UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT.

In practical terms, the primary purpose of the CISG-AC is to issue opinions relating to the interpretation and application of the Convention on request or on its own initiative. Requests may be submitted to the CISG-AC, in particular, by international organizations, professional associations and adjudication bodies. (from the official website)